A fast, easy and secure way to process payments online. You can focus on growing your business while delighting customers to seamlessly and quickly check out and pay from anywhere at anytime.

Venue is e-Commerce for B2B & B2C

Designed for Salesforce customer community self-service licenses

No need to upgrade to Community Plus license - a 300% saving! You can allocate spending elsewhere to continue your business growth.

Digital first & mobile approach with Salesforce Communities

Open any omni-channel for guests, customers and e-Commerce partners. Creating a multi-functional portal for seamless interconnectivity.

Point & click and drag & drop Lightning Components

Our B2B e-Commerce platform is thee fastest to set up and deploy on your site. It's a scalable solution with minimum fuss.

Built for SMB & scalable for the Enterprise processing power

Up to 250,000 orders per day from each e-Commerce Community self-service site.

Venue is sales collaboration

Collaborate with buyers to help drive their purchases

Manage orders, select new products, add pricing discounts. This sales collaboration tailors the experience to your buyer.

Send updated activated shopping carts

With a 69% shopping cart abandonment rate, you can help buyers confirm their order and checkout.

Generate revenue from abandoned shopping carts

Turn a browsing buyer into a future customer with promotions and coupons. Customize these offerings based on the individual.

Buy now payment portals or option pay later

Accelerate the sales cycle by initiating Credit Card, PO, ACH or use a customer-specific account balance.


Document & proposal generation


Email & quote presentment & tracking

Salesforce CPQ connector

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