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First, we need to talk about the different Salesforce licenses available to run a digital Salesforce experience (formerly known as salesforce communities), where we have a Salesforce Customer Community and Salesforce Customer Community Plus license types.

The main difference between the two is that Salesforce Customer Community Plus is three times as expensive as the price of the Salesforce Customer Community. However, you do not need to pay more for functionality that you are not going to need, because SAASTEPS solutions are based on standard objects and follow the same Salesforce architecture principle, the correct access level is in the Salesforce Customer Community license.

You can read more about Salesforce Customer Community license pricing here
Yes, we use Standard Salesforce Objects, such as Salesforce opportunities, Salesforce price books, Salesforce products, Salesforce accounts, Salesforce contacts, Salesforce leads, and the most used Salesforce objects. In the scenario that more information is needed to be tracked and organized we use custom objects as an extension of the standard objects, by following the parent-child hierarchy you can see your custom objects as related to the standard parent objects enabling more granular information to be tracked.

So, for example, we have Salesforce opportunities that are used and tracked; however, we have a Salesforce custom object named E-commerce orders that is created when a Salesforce opportunity is closed won, giving access to the shipment, and tracking of that successfully made a transaction to the end-user.

This behavior is replicated to other scenarios, following the standard functionality and schema that Salesforce uses.
When you look at these two solutions side by side you will see that yes, they both have the same Salesforce look and feel, because they were both built on the same Salesforce platform. However, one is hugely different with a single data model built for Salesforce customers in mind. Whereas the other has multiple Salesforce data models which can create confusion for any average Salesforce Administrator. Are the solutions the same? No, not at all, they also have different combinations of Salesforce managed packages to create their respective end-to-end Salesforce solution built on the Salesforce platform.

Does one solution cost more than the other? It depends on how much you can standardize on Salesforce versus customizing on Salesforce. SAASTEPS is a managed package that is built within Salesforce and downloads in our customer’s Salesforce org, where customers leverage the functionalities for specific business use cases with Salesforce and our 100% Native application.

For example, SAASTEPS offers our own Salesforce Managed Package approach to E-COMMERCE, CPQ/SPQ, Billing, and Renewals. SAASTEPS Salesforce Managed Package can work for any size of the company that focuses on being a B2B, B2C, B2B2C, or DTC company. The biggest difference between us and our competition is we can implement our solution in 4 to 8 weeks (about 2 months) and go live within the same period. Verses most of our Salesforce competitors can do what we do in 8-12 months. We strive to help our customers generate more revenue, in a shorter period, and enable our customers to do this in the most cost-effective way on the Salesforce platform, which helps the company increase REVENUE. The other main difference between SAASTEPS & Salesforce is that we do not need an extensive certified Salesforce Developers or Salesforce Solution Architects to manage our Salesforce Projects. Whereas at SAASTEPS all we need is a business-friendly Salesforce Admin who at the most would need to understand how to download Salesforce Manage Package and run a Salesforce solution sync.

SAASTEPS has been working with our team and our SAASTEPS &Salesforce customers to rediscover all the amazing use cases we are delivering to our Salesforce customers. One of those benefits is creating a fully integrated end-to-end solution that any business of any size that uses Salesforce Enterprise Sales Cloud or Salesforce Service Cloud can be used to sell more and sell faster with SAASTEPS.

SAASTEPS Frictionless Revenue Lifecycle Management solution for Salesforce customers:

eCommerce (B2B, B2B2C, B2C, DTC)

PCI DSS Payment Processing (Payment Portal, Credit & Card & ACH)

CPQ/SPQ (Configure or Subscription, Price, Quote)

Subscription Management

Billing and Invoicing Management

Customer Sat/Surveys

Renewals Management
Orders & Revenue Lifecycle Management

One of the greatest benefits when working with SAASTEPS is we get to also work with Salesforce and our customer’s Salesforce CRM, with Salesforce Sales Cloud or Salesforce Services Cloud. When Salesforce created its CRM, it gave its customers many ways to service their customers and one of those ways was when Salesforce gave their customers different access points which Salesforce calls Experiences (formerly Salesforce Customers Community).

Salesforce Experiences (also known as Salesforce Customer Community) allow your personal customers to engage with Salesforce and get access to a limited amount of data inside Salesforce with these specific licenses. One of the greatest parts for SAASTEPS, a Salesforce AppExchange Partner, is that our solution was architected to work with standard Salesforce objects. This gives Salesforce Customers the flexibility they need to not have to pay for a more expensive Salesforce Experience Plus license which they no longer need with SAASTEPS.

What SAASTEPS offers is a fair playing field with a teammate who is using the same equipment as you are to win a similar game (close more revenue). SAASTEPS is a proud user and willing to share and demo to any of our customers, prospects, or partners how we use our own solution. Please come and create a quote through our Self-Service Frictionless Buying Journey Experience. We are excited to meet you and help you create a similar buying experience for all your interested buyers.

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