Part 2: A Brief History of CPQ – What You Should Know About Configure Price Quote Software.

100% Salesforce Native CPQ

After FPX, I joined the co-founders of APTTUS to compete against FPX, BigMachines, and SAP.

APTTUS (which today is called Conga) was doing something very different and powerful. APTTUS built their entire solution on the Salesforce platform. This made setup easier. Now, any Salesforce admin could set up and manage and maintain the solution using easy “Point & Click” and “Drag and Drop” tools.

This meant that a business user like me could build sales demos without needing help from a Sales Engineer. And, I did.

It took just a week to create an exact copy of the website of a major PC manufacturer. We won the deal.  I remember the customer’s IT teams were in shock that a salesperson could configure the system without help.

Developers liked APTTUS too because they could use Visual Force and APEX to customize the look and feel of the solution to meet customer branding requirements.

APTTUS still needed 12 to 18-month for implementations. This was because of its complicated data model.

There was one major benefit of APTTUS’ data model though. All the customer’s data was in a single platform. So, the cost to manage was lower and all users shared a single source of truth.

Salesforce CPQ

Salesforce entered the CPQ game by acquiring a company called SteelBrick. And, Steelbrick CPQ is the foundation of Salesforce’s Revenue Cloud today.

Salesforce changed the CPQ market when they entered it. This is, in part, because they have such a strong voice in the marketplace. They recommend that every company needs a CPQ. But, in my experience, this isn’t always true.

The Next Gen of CPQ is SAASTEPS

I started SAASTEPS with my co-founders to give companies powerful CPQ, Digital Commerce and Revenue Management tools they can set up fast. Often in less than 6 weeks! And, 100% native on the Salesforce Platform. SAASTEPS tools work seamlessly with Salesforce CRM and Salesforce Communities.

At SAASTEPS our mission is to help our customers grow with fast to deploy, powerful revenue management solutions. Too many companies over-spend on CPQ software today. Often using solutions for features they don’t need, like complex configuration.

SAASTEPS is built with the lessons I’ve learned over the years. We use a single data model that manages the entire Quote-to-Cash process from Quoting and eCommerce through Order Management, Invoicing, Billing, Payment Processing, Subscriptions, and Renewals Management.

And, we use Standard Salesforce objects. This means our customers’ data is secure. The platform scales as our customers’ businesses grow. Our customers’ administrators have control over everything using clicks, not code for every step in the revenue process.

And, their users work with shared data using an intuitive modern user interface that supports more than 40 languages.

And, maybe best of all, we give our customers the fastest time to value with the industry’s shortest time to deploy, typically from 2 - 12 weeks!

Let us know if we can help your business.

Delighting every customer allows you to sell more + sell faster

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