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Software / Revenue Management

The Company

Recast Software

Recast Software offers enhanced control of enterprise endpoints and scalable IT automation. Their software is trusted by tens of thousands of organizations worldwide, elevating the digital employee experience impacting over 60 million devices.

"The SAASTEPS team is dedicated to their client's success and is always willing to incorporate customer suggestions into their product roadmap."
Meagan S
Accounting Manager, Recast

The challenge

Originally, when Recast began looking into subscription management platforms they needed it to better track opportunities (new + add-ons) vs. subscriptions (renewal).

Recast has a growing product portfolio, on top of that many of their customers have separate subscription dates, creating a complex environment to manage renewals and expansion opportunities.

The Solution

SAASTEPS SPQ, Subscriptions, Renewals

Our software enabled Recast to have a separate “Subscription” record that manages renewal dates, automates the renewal creation process, and merge expansion opportunities with existing opportunities to simplify subscription reporting.

After implementing SAASTEPS, Recast was able to automate many process and segment their duties to help accommodate their growth across multiple revenue departments.

The Results

Out of the box, the SAASTEPS tool supports complex subscription management with the ability to visualize account opportunities, add subscription dates to line items, and automate subscription renewals.

The implementation team worked directly with Recast to meet their unique business needs and even went a step further, helping Recast customize their Salesforce environment to have better revenue reporting. The software also comes with a price book hierarchy feature that allows recast admins to configure which products are available for sales users to see and use. SAASTEPS software is set up to also eliminates the need for complicated renewal process flows; users can easily map fields from opportunity to renewal, opportunity to account, etc. Lastly, the SAASTEPS team provides services to track revenue by product line rather than an opportunity, which provides better visibility into sales operations. Overall, the sales team is more efficient, the management team has better visibility into business operations, and their Salesforce administration team has more time to focus on other items. The SAASTEPS team is dedicated to their client's success and is always willing to incorporate customer suggestions into their product roadmap.

"Powerful CRM Software to improve Subscription Sales Reporting and efficiency"
Meagan S
Accounting Manager, Recast

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