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Non-profit / eCommerce + Subscriptions + Billling + Payment Processing Connector

The Company

Project Lead the way

PLTW is an organization focused on empowering students and transforming the teaching experience – a proud tradition from the start of the organization that continues today. Since 1997, they have grown from a high school engineering program to offering comprehensive PreK-12 pathways in computer science, engineering, and biomedical science. In addition to our innovative curriculum, one of their most unique aspects of their programs is their engaging, rigorous professional development for teachers.

"With SAASTEPS, we have been able to achieve YoY double-digit growth since we went live in 2016."
Matt C
VP of Business Operations, PLTW

The challenge

When Project Lead the Way (PLTW) originally started their evaluation for an eCommerce and Billing solution they needed to be able to partner with a company that could help them create an intuitive workflow.

They needed an easy way to help their customers determine exactly which supplies are needed to run their programs based on how many courses and number of students. They wanted a solution that worked on Salesforce and could be customized based on PLTW specific business requirements.

The Solution

SAASTEPS eCommerce, Subscriptions, Billing, Payment Processing Connector

With software solutions so agile and an ISA collaboration, our products implemented smoothly to address their various customization requirements.

The Results

The SAASTEPS eCommerce solution has provided PLTW the ability to allow their customers to generate quotes with a user-friendly tool.

This allowed PLTW customers to effortlessly seek funding approval and then readily complete their order at checkout. By using SAASTEPS Payments Connector, PLTW quickly connected their existing gateway to accept a secure checkout process for their customers orders. The PLTW team has seen continued business growth with these new processes.

"The most significant benefit from this is has been our ability to create a model for financial success for our organization."

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