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VAR / ecommerce + CPQ + Revenue management

The Company

Davenport group

Davenport Group, a greater Nashville, Tennessee, certified woman-owned business serves companies, schools, and government organizations across the country. They were one of Compellent's original partners in 2003, so they know their way around a SAN. Since then, they have expanded their expertise to design, installations, and servicing entire IT infrastructures. They deliver technology that works 24/7, so you don't have to.

"Without a doubt I would highly recommend SAASTEPS to any company looking to implement or change their current CPQ solution within Salesforce."
Tammy K
Director of Operations & IT, Davenport Group

The challenge

Davenport was looking for a way to replace their current online Quoting and Shopping Cart application so they can increase user satisfaction and productivity.

They wanted to enhance their internal business by leveraging a platform they use everyday, Salesforce. They wanted to go one step further for their customers and their internal teams. One of the largest benefits they wanted to achieve was to save time by eliminating manual entries.

The Solution

SAASTEPS CPQ, Subscriptions, Quoting, Approvals + eCommerce

With SAASTEPS managed package they were able to automate all their revenue processes and keep all the data inside Salesforce.

The Results

SAASTEPS CPQ + REV Management solution is an excellent option because you get to use all the features, and the features are tailored to fit Davenport's business needs.

The fact that SAASTEPS CPQ is 100% Native to Salesforce CRM it is allowing cross departmental teams to use all of the features, and all features tie into Davenport business processes. This is what drew the Davenport team to partner with SAASTEPS. They also admire the ecommerce portion of SAASTEPS offering because it also allows Davenport to leverage their custom community self-service storefront into SAASTEPS business model to provide their customers with a branded, professional, and custom portal option to make it easier to do business with Davenport.

"The SAASTEPS team does a fabulous job with tackling project deadlines. Their team is very knowledgeable and communicative and our project team really enjoyed working with them!"
Jessica P
Project Manager, Davenport Group

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