A Frictionless eCommerce to Revenue platform for all

Our mission is to help our customers grow with simple, powerful Revenue Management solutions

Easily implemented.
Effortlessly managed.

We developed a fully frictionless and integrated solution that eliminates revenue management obstacles, and designed it to be simple. Why? Because [unlike most of the big guys] we use our own software. So, we understand your challenges and want to empower our customers with the same growth, and fewer manual headaches.



Open communication builds strong relationships. This is the foundation from where we always begin and continue building upon.

Open Communication

We treat others the way we would like to be treated. Might be old-fashioned but its important. We strive to be the best for our customers.


We are energized by our customers and our work to support them. We recognize the trust our customers have for us.


Change is constantly happening, especially in tech. We are continually working with our customers to provide the most sophisticated, easy-to-use solution.


We empower businesses to simplify their processes (eliminating disparate systems), allowing them to focus more on their customers.

empowering others

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Meet our team

SAASTEPS founding team

Tim Beck

CEO / CoFounder

Ron Costa

SVP, Ops + Services / CoFounder

Rachel Beck

Chief Designer

SAASTEPS advisors

Brent Slosky

Entrepreneur + Legal

Brenda Paauwe-Navori

Sales + Business

Sergio Frias

Customer Experience

Gavin Gomes

Sales + Global Expansion

Kent Perkocha

SAAS + Lead-to-Revenue

Elliott Yama


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