e-Commerce, Subscriptions, Billing & Revenue Operations for Salesforce Customers

Providing Salesforce customers smarter optimization solution choices with 100% Native & 100% Lightning managed packages that implement quickly and work out-of-the-box.

Our frictionless e-Commerce through Revenue process on Salesforce


e-Commerce for B2B & B2C

Sales Collaboration

Designed for Salesforce customer community self-service licenses

No need to upgrade to Community Plus license - a 300% saving

Collaborate with buyers to help them buy

Manage orders, select new products, add pricing discounts

Digital first & mobile approach with Salesforce Communities

Open any omni-channel for guest, customers & e-Commerce partners

Send updated activated shopping carts

Buyers can confirm their order & checkout

Point & click and drag & drop Lightning components

Rapid implementation of 24-48 hours
to deploy any B2B e-Commerce

Generate revenue from abandoned shopping carts

Turn a "browsing" buyer into a future customer with promotions and coupons

Built for SMB & Scalable for the Enterprise processing power

Up to 250,000 orders per day from each e-Commerce community self-service site

Buy now payment portals or pay later

Accelerate sales cycle by initiating Credit Card, PO, ACH, or use customer specific account balance


Subscription management

Pricing and profitability, great user experience, fast, accurate, simple

Billing & invoicing

Manage reoccurring billing cycles, automate invoicing, manage splits & merge invoices

Payment management

Accept payment from anyone from anywhere in the world inside Salesforce

Order management

Manage product inventory availability, and Contract Start & End dates

Renewals management

Pro-rate & co-terms with a simple click, and collaborative team selling by merging sales opportunities with future renewals

Revenue reporting & analytics

Open APIs, Salesforce out-of-the-box Executive dashboards, out-of-the-box reports, and Einstein AI

Venue review

Patrick M

Director of IT, Operation Warm
non-profit (11-100 employees)

It is native to Salesforce, which means all of our data stays within Salesforce. Easy product and order integration cuts down drastically on the implementation time

encore review

Nathaneal S

Business Systems Developer, Xenial
mid-market (501-1000 employees)

Encore has helped to scale our business remarkably. While our customer base has increased several times over, our renewals team has remained the same size, with the majority of their opportunities being billed without need of review. Additionally, having our renewals in Salesforce has allowed us to implement entitlements that manage support contracts automatically. We no longer give free support to those who haven't paid, because we have all the information needed to know a customer's status in one system - Salesforce.

venue + encore review

Oksana M

Data & System Solutions Manager, International Sign Association
non-profit (11-100 employees)

The solution works seamlessly with standard Salesforce objects and our accounting software. The SAASTEPS customer support went above and beyond, and I would recommend this solution to anyone who is looking for an E-Commerce app.


No additional set-up with our open APIs

With a pre-built connector you can use existing solutions, add your login credentials and you're automatically connected.

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